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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Hangover and my Camera.

My mother took my camera away with her to Pondicherry!!!
It had photos in it (Duh :P)!!! Agh.

I watched the Hangover II, yesterday. And, after watching it, I am ashamed of being 18 and adult. The movie was hilarious. But some parts just shocked me and I would have preferred to be a kid again, who didn't understand anything. :P
Well, I wish to be a kid again, all the time.
 x D :P

 Birthday treats. ^.^

It is so nice to be out with friends. Always fun. ^.^



Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Name.


Latin for "The Rainbow Spirit".
I had this name in mind, but I didn't want it to be just in English. 
So, yeah. Three cheers for Google Translate, "Hip-dip-hurray!". :P

Hopefully, this will be my last name change. Hopefully. :P

Color blocking. :P

There is so much confusion around and inside of me. I am a very confused personality. Who gets irritated by it the most? Obviously, I.

Oh, well. Life is that. I'll just have ice cream. :D

I have been trying my hand at editing. Pretty amazing(at least, according to me). Random photo editing. 
I want a really nice camera, but till then I am happy with editing. One learns something or the other, right? :)

I was going to write something. I forgot. :P


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

LOOK! A, uuum, what's that word?!

What is that synonym for the word, realization?! Looking up the thesaurus..
Epiphany? Too heavy, but what the heck. :P

Well, I realized in the past two days that I am not at all exclusive about fashion. I mean heck. Look down. That is MY idea of "dressing up".

I'm not being negative(I hate being that). I like to dress up, when I like to dress up. On other day, well, I am just happy in a tee and jeans. Honestly, dressing up as well as my fellow bloggers is too tedious and too difficult for me.
Plus, I love so many other things. SO much. And, I want to write about those. And among those, fashion and style occupy a small place.

My blog is what?
My diary to the world. Except obviously, some very private, dark, not-to-be-told-to-everyones. :P
My perceptions.
My opinions.
My ideas.
My love. My detest.
Almost everything that I am, was, will be, want to be, need to be, have to be.

So, on that note, my blog needs a new name. Obviously, I want something unique, but of course, I can't think of anything. :P

I wish I was more creative.
Sigh. ^.^

Well, I will be thinking then. Hoping to come up with something!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Don't kill me. :P

Neha Gupta Khorwal of mydreamshavewings.blogspot.com and who owns the brand 'Holii' is hosting a daily giveaway, where she is giving away coin purses to 2 lucky winners everyday.

Check it out. : )