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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Lets bid adieu to 2010 and wish 2011 a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! = D

I was at my friend's place yesterday, in the daytime and I really could not wear anything but my salwaar kameez because I had my dance class later in the day(which I could not attend because I fell sick = l). And then, I had to stay at home at night because of a very simple reason: I had no place to go to. So, yeah, that is kinda disappointing.
Now, I wrote "kinda" because, I had my first taste of (red) wine last night! It was bitter, and to be truthful I did not like it. But I drank it just for the heck of it. ; D
And, I slept at 2. Yeah, big deal! Pffft... "dripping sarcasm"
I am jealous of my best friends who were able to go and party! But, I will have my night this year!!! This year's 31st(or 30th? = P) will be MINE!!!
x ] *Evil Grin*

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