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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Idea

Okay, so I had this new idea.
I shall be regularly posting stuff and state what I love about them and/or don't love about them.
There are people, things, places that either love a whole lot or don't love at all. But, the posts won't be biased on hatred and love. = P
There is something good and bad about everything, so I shall be neutral about most stuff. = ]

Best of luck to me!(So. Tired. That is why this post is so unenthusiastic.-_-)


Friday, December 3, 2010

First attempt! = D

 My first attempt at dressing-up! I kinda "realized" that I was not going to be going out much often, for the next three months, courtesy my exams. So, I just dressed up at home! Tried to, atleast. = P

The first photo is a day look.
And this one is a night look. 
I kinda thought that the tights looked weird because the shorts couldn't hide those weird lines. But then I went, heck, wtf?! Let me just put them up!  I like them! So here they are!
I will find better tights, when I get the time. ^.^

Turtleneck sweater- USA
Shorts- Thailand
Tights- Local Shop
Belts- White, thrift
Denim, somewhere from childhood = ]
Beaded necklace worn as a bracelet- Temple in Pondicherry
Purple necklace- Thailand
White bracelet- Thailand
Converse Sneakers

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Heels, heels, heels... ! = D

I bought my first pair of high heels last month. And, I am in love with them. = D
I have been vying for high heels for so long. I finally got them!!! ^.^

I got them Sarojini Nagar Market. = ]