Chocolate is as good for you as exercise, according to research.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Look, hippos and elephants.

At Dilli Haat, INA, New Delhi.


I have this, this perfect, PERFECT element in my life. I can break you or make you. I can let us fall or let us grow. I can worry myself to no end or I can just let it flow. I should just let it be, shouldn't I? Yes. Yes, I should.
You surprise me when I least expect you to. When I am not in contact with you, is when I love you the most. You want me to change. You want me to be better. Do I want to be better? Yes. Yes, I want to be better for you.
Maybe all relationships are not meant to be. But I know this is. I know this is! I want to make it work. But it's hard, okay? You may not agree. But it is.
I'm sorry, perfection. I'm sorry. Apologies.

Really? I always thought it was made of pineapples.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


A film is a series of moving images. A film is a painting, a moving painting, sometimes beautiful to view, while sometimes it's the most boring, useless, nonsensical commodity. One to not give out a message, an important message, but one to just rake in the money.

I'm studying for my exam tomorrow. Unlike other subjects, it's pretty flexible. We can pretty much play around with it (not really, no). It's like reading literature, just that we watch films. I did not like 'The Searchers'. Na. Adventure, western, sci-fi (didn't like 'Blade Runner' either). I am not addicted to films, I don't think I ever will be. But there are some that impress me to no end.
 'The Piano' is amazing. Watch it.
The Mona Lisa Smile.

I studied today. Yeah. I did. Somebody should be proud. I should be proud.
Then I read. I mostly read. I managed to distract myself today. Yes, I did. I hope I'm able to do that everyday. I hope I do not lose my marbles over that completely irreplaceable, useful, needed, wanted element in my life.
Never-letting-go. Call me crazy, but I am never letting go.