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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I remember the first time I saw you. It was quick and fast. I didn't feel anything. I didn't even notice much. You came in. You sat two seats away from me. Maybe three. You rushed out.
Skip 5 days. Or less. Or more. I don't know.
I remember the second time. Somebody had told me, told us you were 'very cute'. I have this habit of falling for 'very cute' people. I did fall for you. But I did not realise it immediately.
Then the third time, the fourth. I don't know. One of them. Of of the others. That day when the four of us went to drink.
It was a strange day. I got high on half a glass of beer. It was sort of embarrassing. But it was fun.
Hooking up was proposed by a friend. I thought, "why not".
So I 'friended' you on a certain social networking site.
Wait. What date was it?
22nd March. Go figure how I know that.

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